The Beyonce’ discussion on Jude 3

Jude 3 has been featured on this page before. I am very confused about the lack to Jude 3 in this ministry named “Jude 3”. It does seem like they’re not aware of their own confusing message. Though Beyonce has a large disc library, the song that was mentioned in the video was “Church girl“.


One thought on “The Beyonce’ discussion on Jude 3”

  1. Wish they would use more women like the third woman to present women’s Bible studies. Too often, even when they do use scripture, the presenters sound like the first two women- “my interpretation and preferences”…God has been dropped from the conversation except for his desire to please me. Women need Godly focused women to lead. You can put Dr. in front of a name, but if they’re spouting information that contradicts the Bible, they are unGodly. Thank you for sharing.


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