The Woken Dead

Dear Woke Christian,

If we were in the Zombie apocalypse. Let’s say we were all in “The Walking Dead” universe. You’d want to have a weapon. Maybe a sword, hammer, crossbow or gun. You’d want to have a weapon that you knew would be sure and put away the threat to you, your family, friends and community.

Well, we’re in “the Woken Dead” and our churches, communities and homes are surrounded by sheer and utter madness. What’s your weapon? What are you going to use to put away the threat and keep yourself safe?

The only weapon we have is the only weapon we need against the spread of this cultic cancer against the Church. The better you weld it the quicker you dispatch the foolishness, silence the lies, transform hearts and even change minds.

The Bible is all we have. Don’t be afraid to use it, study it, memorize it, believe it. You can’t fight Wokeanda on their terms. You have to fight on His!


Church is essential for the Christian

Church is essential for the Christian. There is so much to be said about the benefits of church attendance.

I am going to let my “new nephew” break it down. Please note the joy and excitement on his voice as he talks about this topic. Do you haven’t this kind of joy talking about God, His Word and His people? Why not?

*Note what you don’t hear him talk about. Rhymes with “face” and starts with an “r”.

The invasion

Dear Woke Christian,

The Wokeandan invasion of the church is not trying to appeal to those who actually love God’s Word. They know that you won’t believe or be tricked. However, their sights are on the weak in faith and biblically illiterate. They’re aiming for the low hanging fruit.

Encourage those in your circle to check what they’re hearing against the revealed Word of God. The only safety we have is in the Shepard and He’s given us His Word to fend off this attack.

Fight fire with fire?

Dear Woke Christian,

As Christians we are commanded to deal in truth. It’s hard sometimes, because not being truthful can pay off. Yet, we must be truth tellers because our Lord was truthful and He gave us the direction, plus the ability to tell the truth.

So my question for Wokandans is, since CRT starts with a false claim that ALL SYSTEMS ARE RACIST, how can a truthful person use a clearly false argument to view the Scriptures?

The Bet of Wokeanda

Dear Woke Christian,

CRT pushers are betting on one thing. Their entire sham is held up on one single premise.

That you don’t know your Bible.

That’s it. Don’t believe me? Think I’m going too far? Listen to this comment from IXK and ask yourself would a student of the Bible come to this conclusion? Oh and peep his opening salvo. It might take a few rewinds, but listen to where he got his “theology”.

Happy birthday

Dear Woke Christian,

My birthday is tomorrow. I’m not telling you that for you to give me a gift, but you know if you want to…..

I wanted to point something out. Every year for the last 3 years my pastor has taken me to lunch on my birthday. Last year we ate BBQ sitting on our car bumpers being all socially distant and stuff. This year since I’m not going to be in town, he’s bringing lunch over. Since I WFH I have to get somethings done before I “wheels up” this afternoon.

My pastor is white. We joke about our racial differences. We comment about how unique each of our cultures are. Our kids love one another. He really pastors my family and it’s all good. Before you interject some “white guilt” or some CRTism into the mix just ask yourself this. Which looks more like what Christ asked us to do? Is it more consistent with God’s revealed word for him to come over, have lunch, laugh and talk or is it more consistent for me to look at him side-eyed and call into question everything he does?

Many supporters of CRT LOVE to talk about how we’re supposed to reflect Heaven on earth. Yet, in the same breath seek to divide the Church based on external, non-controlable circumstances. That doesn’t work!

Woke Christian, drop the “woke” and embrace Christ fully and completely. You’ll be following Christ then. Besides you might get a good lunch out the deal.