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It is true that beliefs do not necessarily equate to facts, but it is also true that facts can be believed in. For example, the fact that the Earth revolves around the sun is widely accepted because of empirical evidence and scientific research. Similarly, there is historical and archaeological evidence that supports the existence of the God of the Bible.

Keep in mind, the assertion that the Bible cannot be used as proof of its own claims is not entirely accurate. While the Bible may not be the only source of evidence, it contains historical accounts, eyewitness testimonies, and prophecies that have been fulfilled. The reliability and accuracy of these accounts have been verified through multiple sources, including non-Christian historians. So using the Bible to discuss the Bible is A-OK.

Lastly, the claim that the burden of proof lies solely with me, the person making the claim is not entirely accurate either. It is true that I am making a positive claim and have the responsibility to provide evidence to support it. However, when someone makes a negative claim, such as denying the existence of God, they also have the burden of proof to demonstrate that their claim is true. Since you came to my page to make your claim, I’ll wait for you to prove God’s non-existence.

I do understand that it is true that beliefs do not necessarily equate to facts, it is also true that facts can be believed in. The Bible contains historical and archaeological evidence that supports the existence of the God of the Bible, and denying this evidence requires one to meet the burden of proof for their negative claim.


Today in Meme-ology

Dear Christian,

Does it ever strike you that many pro-makers cite “love your neighbor” over the passage in Leviticus 13 (verses 44-46 speak directly to the point)? Maybe because the scriptures say that one’s top lip should be covered, but let’s continue. To me, that does read like a mask-type thing. So the question is why don’t they bring this up?

Here’s why they rarely mention this passage. It actually destroys the argument for total lockdowns AND masks at the same time. Take a look at it, I’ll wait.

The passage gives some very good instructions on dealing with a very contagious disease, leprosy. Notice that only the sick were quarantined and made to mask up. So you’ll never hear a pro masker mention this passage for that exact reason. The love your neighbor has morphed into “do what I deem is loving your neighbor”.

Here’s a meme attempting to address this. The person who posted it seems to know that it didn’t support their idea, but posted it anyway.

Keep pushing back. Require them to defend and explain their position.

They see us

Dear Woke Christian,

This video makes me mad. How does it make you feel? The characters are saying everything that CRT has taught them. There’s so much untruth in this short video that I can’t actually believe it’s true. But we’re here.


Does this not anger you? Does this not cause you to shout at the screen? Why do you allow your CRT pushers to say this about you?

This week in Meme-ology

And might I add that many times, sadly it will be from people who are trying to virtue signal their own troubled conscience.
Along with that, the idea that blacks aren’t a monolith, but they sure better think like one.

Dear Woke Christian,

Let’s start a new discussion. Let’s look at some of the raging inconsistencies within Wokeanda. What’s do you think about these?

Nehemiah 9

Dear Woke Christian,

Ezra and Nehemiah are wonderful stories of God’s faithfulness to any unworthy people. Read them both. Today day we’re just discussing chapter 9.

Nehemiah 9:1-3 This is a wonderful passage to look at the context. Nehemiah has just completed the wall project in record time. Ezra in chapter 8 has just read the book of the Law to the people and now in chapter 9, the people are responding. 

This is one thing that is very similar to the Daniel 9 story. Why is it that people who push the corporate repentance narrative seem to miss that these people were the ones doing the sins they are repenting of? These very Israelites were the ones who had broken a covenant with God. We know because they were in exile. This also happens in Daniel. Though we have no evidence that Daniel was a scoundrel he was well aware of his personal imperfections and repented along with calling out his fellow captives’ sins. 

That’s another point. The judgment of God was currently being played out in real-time. This wasn’t something that had happened in the past, but rather it was current and real.

Rather than using this as a prooftext for corporate repentance, individual repentance could happen with this passage Psalm 130:3-4

We might even go so far as to say that the rebellion of the fathers, sent the fathers to exile, but then God’s punishment being served, allowed for the sons to return to God’s promise. The God of second chances. 

What do you think, brother and sister? Do you see other places where corporate repentance happened for sins done in the very distant past?

Today in Meme-ology

Dear Woke Christian,

You’ve seen it just like I have. Matter of fact I might be slightly guilty. But I digress.

Come on. The idea that anyone challenging CRT is a klansman is pretty laughable. How, I want to play along so here we go.

I am against CRT because it flies in the faces of the Biblical Gospel. So that makes my argument “klansplaining”. Even though the klan were people who ADDED to the Bible or TOOK away from it to support their horrible ideologies?

This meme wasn’t pointed at the Christian worldview, but I couldn’t helped but address this.

What do you think?

Or maybe….just maybe

Dear Woke Christian,

At what point will you begin to see that this is being used as a lever to separate Chrsitans of every color? You can’t have a dissenting voice? Well, I can and I will use it.

The notion that any form of disagreement with CRT will be met with name calling and bully tactics is so 3rd grade I am embarrassed to have to point it out. No, I don’t worship whiteness. That’s just silly, but since we’re being lunatics, “supporting CRT means you worship blackness”. See I can play the silly Olympics as well.

But let’s be honest. There are many, many viable reasons to reject CRT. The main reason is that it’s another “gospel” in full. Its’ presuppositions are flawed on many sides and don’t represent what the Body of Christ is to be at all.

How about this. If I told you that the Bible speaks clearly against women leading in church one would immedately excuse away Paul and make some pretty baseless arguments. That same person would canonize “whiteness” as the unpardonable sin and call anyone who challenges it mean names. You’re probably writing out a few of them now.

There are many faithful brothers and sisters in Christ who disagree with CRT. I will not accuse them of worshipping anything or anyone except Christ unitl proven otherwise. Why are you so comfortable doing differently?

As a call to action how about you show me where “whiteness” is a sin in the scriptures.