The Beyonce’ discussion on Jude 3

Jude 3 has been featured on this page before. I am very confused about the lack to Jude 3 in this ministry named “Jude 3”. It does seem like they’re not aware of their own confusing message. Though Beyonce has a large disc library, the song that was mentioned in the video was “Church girl“.


Bible Giveaway

Tim Frisch and I are going to give away 6 NASB. To enter the raffle:

1. Follow “A Frisch Perspective”  @A Frisch Perspective ​ and “Dear Woke Christian”  @Dear Woke Christian 

2. Comment on this “community post”. Answer this question “What’s your favorite Bible passage?”

3. Share this post by tagging 3 friends. The drawing will be on October 21st @ 7 pm EST during our DWC/AFP Live stream.

Looking for feedback

The audacity of someone not posting for a month only to come back with a request. The gall! The nerve! Well, here we are.

Do you mind letting me know what you think of DWC and how I can improve? Also if you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them as well. If you know a content creator whom I should interview or if you have a recommendation for a book review, feel free to share it.

DWC survey form

Setting goals for DWC

In less than 2 months I will have been on YouTube and really pushing this project for a year. I started this blog back in April, but video and audio have certainly pushed to the front of the line.

I need to set some goals for this project. I have some “I want to be X by Y”, but they’re not written out. I know I need to do that. Give me some ideas. What are the goals you have for your social media platforms?